Maintaining Youthful Skin

We all desire to have that glowing, youthful look last forever. With medical and technological advancements becoming more and more prominent, we seem to be getting closer to the fountain of youth. 

But for now, Grace and Beauty has 3 easy ways to help you can maintain youthful skin. 

The Beginning Of A Youthful Appearance 

The first step is having a good at-home care regimen. And no, that does not mean having products from Sephora or Target or wherever you might get your items from. It means having an established skincare routine that's going to benefit you with medical-grade products, which we happen to offer here at Grace and Beauty.

We carry SkinCeuticals and Skin Medica which both offer amazing products. They offer an array of prodcuts for you to use depending on what your issues are, so we can definitely helo you customize a routine based on what you need. 

What’s Next With Keeping Youthful?

The second step is in-office procedures. That could be facials, chemical peels, micro-needling, or specially curated plans for you to help maintain that youthfulness of your skin and fix anything that you are looking to improve upon. 

The Final Step Towards A Youthful Appearance 

The third step is wearing your sunscreen. It sounds simple, but we see a lot of patients that have trouble with this until they really start coming into our office where they hear us preach all the time about the importance of sunscreen.

85% of extrinsic aging actually comes from the sun, and two-thirds of sun exposure is incidental. That means when you're driving to work or going into the grocery store - the sun has an impact even in those moments when you wouldn't even think about it. 


How To Maintain Your Youthful Appearance

Things to keep in mind in order to maintain your youthful look:

  • good at-home care regimen
  • daily sunscreen and staying out of the sun when possible
  • in-office procedures. 

Diet and lifestyle are important as well because they are often overlooked when thinking about the appearance of your skin. If you have a healthier diet, you're hydrating, you're getting good sleep, and you have an exercise routine, this is all going to help you in the long run. 

To find out more, explore the rest of our website and fill out the form below. If you're ready to get started with in-office procedures at Grace + Beauty, call us today for a consultation!

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