Facial Aging Process

We need to discuss the process of aging. Both men and women experience aging in our faces as we get older. And for ladies, this is especially true.

What Happens To Our Face As We Age? 

Many things happen to our faces as we age, but the primary thing you'll notice is that some of your facial fat pads will tend to shift, which is expected as you age. Those facial fat pads tend to move downward, giving our faces a more droopy sort of look. 

Many women also develop "smile lines," and sometimes, the nasolabial fold even becomes a little bit deeper due to the shifting of the fat pads. Some bone loss is also expected as we get older. 

Is This Cause For Concern? 

Most patients are concerned about smile lines. However, fillers are not used in those areas. Instead, what we hope to accomplish is to reverse the effects of the lines. In this case, we do facial contouring with fillers, specifically volumizing fillers, which we can use right along the cheekbone, the chin bone, and the jawline to reposition those features. 

Historically, women used fillers in the middle of their faces, which did not look natural. Nowadays, women use facial contouring and balancing to look refreshed, rejuvenated, and contoured. There are times when we need to add a little bit to the temples, chin, and jawline. All this adds up to a beautiful, contoured face, so we can look refreshed, rejuvenated, and smile without any "smile lines."

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Facial Aging Process

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